Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Is A Special Place.

{ Opening Statement }

A home, it is a special place for many things. It’s there when something has gone wrong, or when in time of celebration.  A home is the heart of the family, it brings everyone together, in one place where the love of the family began. It’s where YOU belong.

{ Body }

A home.

Firstly, having a home is special, it’s the place where everyone gathers for something important or very special, it brings the warmth of love to everyone. Having a home is where you feel accepted and comfortable.

Secondly, home is where you belong. It’s where you grow and learn the understandings of life, with the help of everyone who loves you. Home is where you learn to laugh, love and to forgive. It’s where you spend your life with those who make you happy and comfortable.

And lastly, my home, I feel that having a home is where I can do and say whatever I please, it’s my personal space. I feel safe every time I’m home, knowing that I’m protected by the shield of my family.

{ Conclusion }

Being able to have a home is a gift. There are many homes in this world, there will always be that one particular place full of love and support. Like it is said “There’s no place like home”

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