Friday, March 22, 2013

Soul Friend lunch.

Soul Friend

After practising the high jump the lunch bell went and Room 7 went to get their lunch and they returned back to the field. Room 5 came to the field and they sat down beside us. Everyone shared and enjoyed each others meals. We laughed and giggled so much that we couldn’t even eat all our lunch. My Soul Friend Analei was upset and she didn’t eat anything and I was very worried, but when everyone started going to play that when she started to eat, apparently she doesn’t like to eat then people surround her. Mrs Tui was taking photos of everyone having fun.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today marks our second day of our Triathlon fitness. On the first day we met Bret, Adrian, Lance and Blair. As we walked to the field the sun shone on our faces’. Room 7 and 6 go to the Triathlon fitness together.

Our first day at the Triathlon fitness we were not sure on what to do, but now we do. Room 7 started off with Bret and Lance, they had put out some flags in each different corner around the area we were in and Bret told us to run around the flags. Bret put some objects in the area of the flags and Bret demonstrated on what we were doing, when it came up to my turn I felt like I needed to run as fast as I could so that I don’t let my team down. When I finished I had to catch my breath because my throat was dry.

After we had finished up our time with Bret and Lance we went to Adrian and Blair and rode the bikes. Sefesi and Ezra just came and they both didn't know what to do, so the girls started off. We all chose a bike and we put the helmets next to them, then we ran I felt confident in myself, we ran around the tree and ran back to the bike and put our helmets on and rode around the field, I rode the bike and I felt so happy. Next it was the boy’s turn and I came and sat down and catch my breath. We all waited till the boy’s finished and we all returned back to class.

Wednesday is the last day and it was the day that everyone was going to get WET!!. Everyone brang spare clothes and togs. Room 7 and 6 went to the field after line up and everyone couldn't wait to go on the slide, room 6 girls started then the girls went on the slide it looked like it was very slippery, they went on the slide four times, then went on the bikes around the field once and they had to run around the field all wet and soapy.

Next was room 6 boys went, then room 7 girls went, I was ready to get wet. “Ready, Set, Go” said Bret, I jumped on my stomach and ran around the cones four times and I ran to the bikes and put my helmet on, rode around the field and I stopped and hopped off and I went to put the bike back to transition area and I ran as fast as I could and I got back and sat down with the other girls and I had to catch my breath. We went again, and again and I didn't notice that I got bruises on my leg. I said to the girls “That turned out to be cool” and they all agree. After we all received a certificate.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Kia Ora, Malo e lelei and Welcome back to 2013.

I am very excited to share my work with you all through out this year. I am looking forward to giving you more information about myself. Well we had an assembly, and my group made up a song about the 'Temptation of Jesus' and I played the guitar. And now I will be putting up more work than I did last year. Hope you will all enjoy my work.