Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Religious Education

Today in Religious Education we were talking about God. The class and I were given a question about “What is something that makes us different from animals?”, we all tried to answer but we got the wrong ideas of what she wanted us to answer. That showed us that we weren’t listening and understanding her question. I thought about her question, first I listened to everyone elses ideas about ‘how we are different compared to animals’  and they were things that were the same to human parts. Next I shared my idea with Maxine which was ‘I thought that the question had nothing to do with the outer-body but it had something to do with the inner-body, then Maxine shared her thought that it had something to do with the ‘SOUL’ and she was right. God gave humans ‘souls’ but not animals, that’s why humans are different from animals, so when humans die their souls are lifted up into heaven.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Technology at Selwyn College

Today, the year 7&8 students from Saint Pius X Catholic School went to Selwyn College for Technology, the year 8 are doing Hard Materials and year 7 are doing Food Tech. Today in food tech the year 7’s made scones. We got split into five groups and we made different scones in different ovens and different equipment. Everyone made scones in different shapes and sizes. But all the same, they all turned out delicious. I love going to technology at Selwyn College.

My swimming experiment

Today was my first time in the swimming pool. As I walked backwards down the stairs I  entered the swimming pool, the warm water just hit me. Mrs Tui gave everyone a number, I was number 4. Our first activity was to streamline from one end to the other.  Then after that we had to do freestyle. Freestyle is very easy to me. The reason why we were doing freestyle and streamline was because Mrs Tui was checking if we could swim. We played a game and everyone had to make a starfish in the water facing down. It was awesome. Mrs Tui told each number at a time and they swam. Then it was time for us to get out, I felt so comfortable that I didn’t want to get out, but we still got free time, during free time I started challenging Leone, doing handstands.

God Strand.

   My God Strand Title Page.


 What does God want from me? 
God wants me to be the best I can be.

What is stopping me from what God wants me to do?
Nothing is stopping me, I am stopping myself because I am choosing not to be the best that I can be.

Description about me.

I am a Tongan/Cook Island girl. I am kind of tall and medium build. My skin colour is light brown just like chocolate. My eye colour is dark brown just like my hair, my hair is naturally wavy but I straighten my hair. My lips are small but I have a big mouth to yell, my cupid's bow isn't deep but I love smiling because my dimples pop out on both cheeks.

I love playing sports, playing guitar. I wouldn't say that I'm a professional but I would say that I'm alright. I love to tell funny and scary stories. I try my best in school and I want to achieve my goals.
I thank God for giving a life.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of my Nephew

My nephew’s name is Preston.  He is a round chubby boy that loves to eat.  His skin is soft like a smooth tissue paper.  His head is big with such small straight wavy hair.  His eyes are light brown like light chocolate and his eyelashes are long.     

He can’t walk but he sit’s in the walker. He can’t talk, but he can blabber out sounds.  He likes to cry for food, and loves to laugh. He is a quiet boy, but he loves to scream to be held.

Preston is a fighter.  He has had an ‘Open Heart Operation’ and still he smiles.  He loves to take photo’s and he is an amazing dancer.  He loves to do a lot of things but the thing he loves to do best is sleep.  My nephew loves to play with our dog Pius and he loves seeing her run.  He loves doing random hand movements especially clapping.  Whenever He is sick he doesn’t smile at all.
I thank God for giving my family a boy that is strong.