Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of my Nephew

My nephew’s name is Preston.  He is a round chubby boy that loves to eat.  His skin is soft like a smooth tissue paper.  His head is big with such small straight wavy hair.  His eyes are light brown like light chocolate and his eyelashes are long.     

He can’t walk but he sit’s in the walker. He can’t talk, but he can blabber out sounds.  He likes to cry for food, and loves to laugh. He is a quiet boy, but he loves to scream to be held.

Preston is a fighter.  He has had an ‘Open Heart Operation’ and still he smiles.  He loves to take photo’s and he is an amazing dancer.  He loves to do a lot of things but the thing he loves to do best is sleep.  My nephew loves to play with our dog Pius and he loves seeing her run.  He loves doing random hand movements especially clapping.  Whenever He is sick he doesn’t smile at all.
I thank God for giving my family a boy that is strong.

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