Friday, March 2, 2012

St Pius Presentation


  1. Hi Deja, Your slide show is very interesting. I like the one with Father Iosefa in it ,and how you show our subjects we do at school. Also our uniform that we have to wear. I sometimes come to the 9.00 mass.

  2. Hi Deja,
    I really enjoyed looking through your slide show!I am sure St. Pius X School use there virtues as you say they do. I hope you put more writing and presentations on your blog. Did you know all this information in your head or did you get it off the SPX Website? Hope you reply back

    1. I got it from my head. But I got the photos off the SPX website. :)

  3. Wow good word Deja I think you should be an artest because of you amizing talent of drawing, this is my firt time looking at your blog and I am amazed.

  4. That is a Great Presentation Deja. I really liked how you mentioned not to play games on your netbook and then you gave us advice on how not to. I think that next time you should explain more about our curriculum but every thing else is really good. Keep it up :)


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