Friday, September 5, 2014

Expressive Writing.

Teachers, why do they have to be so annoying?, I’ve met a few teachers who I think are a bit “crazy” in their own ways, crazy in a funny way, and crazy as in mental.

You either like or hate a teacher, but with me I find it hard to even think about that, because there are two types of teachers, 1 - there are the gentle and nice teachers, 2 - cruel and mean teachers.

I cope with them everyday, (just kidding). I am grateful for the teacher I’ve come upon, even though I don’t have great day with them, I’m grateful for their help.

You should be grateful for any teacher you get, because their help is all you’ll get from a teacher, and it’s a great gift.  


  1. I enjoyed your writing and I think your heading to the right angle in your writing,

  2. Hey Deja,
    I could really relate to this piece of writing, I could kind of feel how you felt while writing this piece of writing :) I would suggest that you added a bit more to it, because I would have enjoyed to read a bit more about this topic.

    But other than that nice writing Deja


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