Wednesday, November 21, 2012

APRA Uke Can Do It

Last week our movie “Best Friends” played at The Manaiakalani Film Festival.  The idea for our movie came from a song we had written for the APRA Uke Can Do It Competition.  We were very excited to hear that our song had been placed second.  The following is the application we sent in with our song. 

This group is from Room 6 St Pius X Catholic School.
We are Pacific Islanders and love to play the ukes.
We also love to make up songs and perform to others by showing our talents.
We hope our song inspires you to never turn away from your best friend.
Never forget that your friends will always be there for you.

Listen to our entry for the NZ Ukelele Festival Competition.

Here is our movie featuring the song “Best Friends”.  
See more of our movies on our class blog.

Friday, August 10, 2012


My Holidays?  Well it started off with family from overseas coming home, birthday parties, the holiday program and my favourite ... doing nothing and being lazy.

First of all a lot of my family from overseas came home.  My niece Aniola and my nephew Caedus came from Australia, and my cousin Uina Leka, who is named after my mum, came from Australia too. They came to stay for the two week holiday in New Zealand and they came to spend it with my family. When they came to New Zealand my nephew Caedus came and celebrated his 7th birthday here with us. It was a cool night and we were eating lots of pizza and chips with Coca Cola and more fizzy drinks, it was an awesome night. After everyone ate I had to clean up but I didn’t want to but I did.

The next morning my whole family got up and started rushing around because that morning, 30/6/2012, was the morning of my brother Talakai 21st birthday. Everyone went to the place where the birthday was held and started decorating the place. It was held at Garrison Public House, the place was a pub. They had lots of yummy finger food. The room was in a tiny room but everyone could fit, my brother invited over 50 people. It was a lot of people that came to his birthday, the Samoan Community, Tongan Community and the Soul Unit group came. It was crowded in that tiny room, but everyone had a GREAT time, Especially on the Party Bus.

The next week my mum said to get up because Holiday Program was on. And we went. There was only a small amount of people there, my niece and I went to one team and my sister and my nephew went to the other. My team’s name was Voto’z Loko’z  and the other team's name was Wolf Pack. We challenged each other till Holiday program was finished. I lost my voice because I would always yell loud for my team mates. At the end of Holiday program at prize giving I got awarded the Most Energetic in my group and Siliva got it for the Wolf Pack. The winner of the points was.... Wolf Pack, and we were disappointed at losing but we just clapped and said “Fair Game” and we all went outside and we all had lots of fun, but we all started disturbing the teachers in their meeting. They were so annoyed at us because one teacher would come out and tell us to go away and play somewhere else but no one would take no notice.That afternoon my sister took my niece and I shopping and we bought lots of clothes and shoes and I got my school winter shoes. And when I came home I got my school clothes ready. In the morning I got up and got ready for school.


Friday, July 20, 2012

1800's presentation.

Last term my class had been studying how children in the 1800's are different to us. We  made a presentation on what we found out in the 1800's, and this is my presentation. Hope you like it.

Howick Historical Village

A trip back in time.
“The suns out, that’s a good sign”, I thought to myself as I got up, I got changed and got ready for a long day. I came to school to find my friends standing in the corridor chatting to each other without going inside the classroom. I waited and waited with the girls in the corridor until the bell rang and when we went outside and lined up and we were all excited and hyped about our trip, and then it was go time. Once we got to the Howick Historical Village we all sat and ate our lunch with a good view of old houses from back in the days. Once everyone was finished eating we set off to start our day.

Room 6 went to Parlour Games with Mrs Dodos, The Parlour games was in a big house, Mrs Dodos showed us how they played games with a rope and a wool ball. My favorite game that we played was Squeak Piggy Squeak. Squeak piggy Squeak is when a group of people play with a blindfold and a pillow and they sit in a circle and someone is blindfolded and they walk in the middle of the circle and  through a pillow in front of someone and the person that is sitting has to say “Squeak piggy squeak” and the person that is is blindfolded has to guess who the person is. They were all interesting things to play with. When when we finished playing all the games we had a fast look around the house, “to me it looked haunted, but it wasn’t”. We all came out of the house and we carried on to the next activity.

The next activity we went to was to School, the school at the village, when you look at it on the outside it looks small but when you walk in it’s big, when we were walking to school we had to wait outside for Mrs Mills to lead us in and to seat us, but first she explained the rules and the main rules were “Never talk when the teacher in talking” and ‘Never talk when you're not asked to talk” and as she lead us into the room there was hardly any space, the desk were so small to fit us in we had to squeeze ourselves in, She told us a lot about school and what they learned back in the days, the thing I was scared of was the Whipping stick, and the thing that I liked about school was that they had ink and the slates to work on, when school was finished we went to the next activity.

The next activity we went to was trolley making with Mrs White, we went into a little room where Mrs White separated everyone into four teams, I was in a little team, We had to make a trolley or a little cart, everyone worked as a team and only one group made a proper trolley, my team were struggling to work as a team because we were yelling at each other and we were the only team that was loud, we were the loudest team out of everyone.

And when we finished that activity everyone had lunch and we carried on to the next activity.

The last activity we went to was to the tour which was a challenge between two teams, One team went with Mrs Moodley and the other went with Rebeca, we had to look for Things that do not belong in the 1800’s, as we walked around we all wanted to look at the Long drop which is a toilet that they used, we found a lot of thing in each house we stopped at, One of the houses were Mrs White’s Great Great Grandfathers house, it was very old that we had to treat it with lots of care.

And then the tour was finished we went and lined up with the rest of the school.

And when we finished saying our goodbyes everyone got on the bus and we were going to school, BUT!! as the bus driver began to go Mrs Tui walked out with afew of the kids, then the bus driver stopped and we waited until they were seated in the other bus and we all came back to school together.

As we came to school Mrs Moodley told everyone “If you sleep, you get a chocolate fish” and everyone tried their best to sleep.

And everyone came back to school very tiredly.    

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We have been learning about how the past changes the future. We looked at how we can recycle, re-use and reduce our rubbish to make our future world a better place. Here is a presentation about rubbish at our school.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Holy Spirit in the Baptism

  I have been learning about the Holy Spirit in the Baptism. I am happy to share my title page that I created for this strand.  The Holy Spirit helps people to grow in faith, hope and love.