Monday, December 16, 2013

End of the year.

It's the end of the year and I'm happy but sad at the same time. I will miss the students that are leaving to college next year and I wish them well. Today we had Prize-giving and I got two awards. The hall was full of families and friends. I'm looking forward to next year and I can't wait for another with my teacher Mrs Tui. I know I will do better in my learning and I will try to archive my personal and school goals. I thank everyone who've helped me this year, I'm really grateful for them. I am really excited and I can't wait for another wonderful year. And I thank God for making this year possible.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Title Page for the Communion Of Saints

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Testing Week!

This was a very busy week. This week I have been doing the end of the year testing. Starting on Monday I was tested on the Star test which tested my Reading skill, and my last test for the week was a Writing test. I think I did well in all my tests. It was hard because it took time to go through them. I can't wait to see my results.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Today is the first day of the holidays and I really think that I might not do a lot of activities during the holidays. I'm hoping to spend good quality time with my family. Even if we might not get to go out, I don't care I just want to spend time with my family.

What happened today at school.

Today at school, we finished off some maths work and I had entered my team movie.Our movie was about 'When friends begin, they never end' and I made a movie about it. When school was nearly finished the class had to clean up and everyone went home to start their holidays.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review

Title: The Haunting Of Nadia Author: Julia Jarman
Date started: /07/2013   Date finished: 31/07/2013
What was the book about?
What I have been reading is about a girl named Nadia. She is a girl that does not believe in Jenny Greenteeth. Jenny Greenteeth is known for taking naughty children into the pond and eating them. At the disco Nadia goes dressed as Jenny and her best friend Jamie tries to talk her out of it but she can’t. That night Nadia’s brother goes to a birthday party dressed as a Pirate and when the party was over Nadia went with Jamie to the disco and Nadia’s mum went to pick her brother up and he wasn’t there. Nadia starts looking for him then she hears her brothers voice, at the pond. Nadia calle’s him when her brother was going to jump into the pond, just as he jump Nadia jumped in after him to get him. Nadia couldn’t see much because the pond was disgusting and slimy, and Nadia feels something so she pulls. Just then Nadia saved her brothers life and her mum came and calls for the ambulance. A few weeks later the government digs up the pond and fills it in with dirt. But is Jenny Greenteeth still alive?.    
What did you like about the book?
I liked that the book gave me shivers.
What was your favourite part of the book?
My favourite part is when Nadia saves her little brother Robs.
How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)

Maths Problems.

Every hour I used 50 ml of sunblock to protect me from the sun. How much sunblock did I use for the 6 hours I was at the fair?

50 ml x 6 = ?
300 ml of sunblock was used at the fair because,

5 x 6 = 30, but it was 50 x 6 = 300.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fraction Problems.

I have learnt how to use multiplication and division to solve a fraction problem.

E.g - Five people share an apple pie equally. Each person gets 1/5 of the pie.
25 slices of apples are put on top of the pie, which are also spread evenly amongst the slices of pie.
How many apple slices does each person get?

Answer: Each person gets 5 apple slices on each piece of pie.
5 divided by 25 = 5            5 x 5=25

Friday, August 23, 2013

Report Writing About Cross Country.

Cross country is running. Every year Saint Pius X Catholic School have a running day, The junior syndicate run on school grounds, and the senior run out of school grounds, they run around the block. Every year the school gathers in the courts, and everyone sits in their age lines and get ready to run. First the junior’s run and when the two blocks band together then they start running and everyone that is sitting in the courts or out cheer them on.

When the juniors finish running, the senior’s leave, first the older people start off so that when everyone leaves they follow, 13, 12, 11, 10 year olds run, the boy’s start off, then the girls run, they line up at the starting line as soon as the block banged together, all the girls and boys ran.

They ran down the hill, past Melling Street, continued up a hill. They came past many dogs, vehicles and even people watching from their houses. Everyone ran, walk, jog and even stop just to wait up for friends. The track was actually up or down hill.

At each turn there was always a teacher waiting for everyone to run, if they saw someone walking then the teacher would tell them “Come on you're nearly there” and so they run. When everyone make it to the end they run as fast as they could and run straight into the courts and see Mrs Williams and they come either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Then they receive a certificate.             

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am learning to use Multiplication strategies in level 3.

1.    When Jasmine makes lemonade she uses 6 lemons for every litre of water. How many lemons does she need for

i)     2 litres of water?   12 -  6x2=12 - 6 doubled = 12

ii)    3 litres of water?   18 - 6x3=18 - 6 tripled is 18

iii)   10 litres of water?  60 - 6x10=60

2.   Devinda is doing some baking. When he uses his mum's recipe he can make 8 muffins. When he doubles the recipe he gets 16 muffins. How many lots of the recipe does he need to make

i)     24 muffins?     24x8=? - 10x8=80 - 10x8=80 - 80+80= 160. 8x4= 32 +160= 192

ii)    32 muffins?     32x8=? - 10x8=80 - 80 tripled is 220. 8x2=16+220= 236

iii)   56 muffins?      8x56=? - 8x10=80 - doubled 5 times = 80 doubled is 160. 160 doubled is 320 + 80 = 400. 8x6= 48 400+48=448


I am able to work out Fraction problems in level 3.

A farmer is selling some of his animals.
1.  The farmer sells ¼ of his 72 cows.  Show how to work out how many cows he Sell.

1/4 of 72.
72 divided by 4= 18
18 x 1 = 18
4 x 18 = ?
2 x 18 = ?
2 x 10 = 20
2 x 8 = 16
20 +16 = 36
36 doubled = 72

4 x 18 = ?
2 x 18 = ?
2 x 10 = 20
2 x 8 = 16
20 +16 = 36
1/2 of 36 is 18
36 doubled = 72 = 144

2. He sells ⅓ of his 45 pigs.  Show how to work out how many pigs he sells.

1/3 of 45
45 divided by 3 = 15
15 x 1 = 15

3.   He sells ⅙ of his 84 sheep.  Show how to work out how many sheep he sells.
1/6 of 84
84 divided by 6 = 14
14 x 1 = 14

Addition and Subtraction

I am able to work out addition and subtraction strategies in level 3.

1.  Maraea is saving to buy a cat.  In 3 weeks she has saved $9, $56 and $72.
Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.


2.  Tom saves his money each month to buy a dog.  In 4 months he has saved $36, $78, $203, and $123.  Show how to work out how much he has saved altogether.

$203+ $123+ $78+36=? -

3.   Te Ao is saving to buy a horse.  So far she has saved $17, $160, $72, and $148.  Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.
$160+$148+$72+$17=? -
150+160= 310+85=395

4.  Petelo has $ 147 as a present.  He spent $78 at the shop.  How much has he got left?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Religious Education

Today in Religious Education we were talking about God. The class and I were given a question about “What is something that makes us different from animals?”, we all tried to answer but we got the wrong ideas of what she wanted us to answer. That showed us that we weren’t listening and understanding her question. I thought about her question, first I listened to everyone elses ideas about ‘how we are different compared to animals’  and they were things that were the same to human parts. Next I shared my idea with Maxine which was ‘I thought that the question had nothing to do with the outer-body but it had something to do with the inner-body, then Maxine shared her thought that it had something to do with the ‘SOUL’ and she was right. God gave humans ‘souls’ but not animals, that’s why humans are different from animals, so when humans die their souls are lifted up into heaven.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Technology at Selwyn College

Today, the year 7&8 students from Saint Pius X Catholic School went to Selwyn College for Technology, the year 8 are doing Hard Materials and year 7 are doing Food Tech. Today in food tech the year 7’s made scones. We got split into five groups and we made different scones in different ovens and different equipment. Everyone made scones in different shapes and sizes. But all the same, they all turned out delicious. I love going to technology at Selwyn College.

My swimming experiment

Today was my first time in the swimming pool. As I walked backwards down the stairs I  entered the swimming pool, the warm water just hit me. Mrs Tui gave everyone a number, I was number 4. Our first activity was to streamline from one end to the other.  Then after that we had to do freestyle. Freestyle is very easy to me. The reason why we were doing freestyle and streamline was because Mrs Tui was checking if we could swim. We played a game and everyone had to make a starfish in the water facing down. It was awesome. Mrs Tui told each number at a time and they swam. Then it was time for us to get out, I felt so comfortable that I didn’t want to get out, but we still got free time, during free time I started challenging Leone, doing handstands.

God Strand.

   My God Strand Title Page.


 What does God want from me? 
God wants me to be the best I can be.

What is stopping me from what God wants me to do?
Nothing is stopping me, I am stopping myself because I am choosing not to be the best that I can be.

Description about me.

I am a Tongan/Cook Island girl. I am kind of tall and medium build. My skin colour is light brown just like chocolate. My eye colour is dark brown just like my hair, my hair is naturally wavy but I straighten my hair. My lips are small but I have a big mouth to yell, my cupid's bow isn't deep but I love smiling because my dimples pop out on both cheeks.

I love playing sports, playing guitar. I wouldn't say that I'm a professional but I would say that I'm alright. I love to tell funny and scary stories. I try my best in school and I want to achieve my goals.
I thank God for giving a life.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of my Nephew

My nephew’s name is Preston.  He is a round chubby boy that loves to eat.  His skin is soft like a smooth tissue paper.  His head is big with such small straight wavy hair.  His eyes are light brown like light chocolate and his eyelashes are long.     

He can’t walk but he sit’s in the walker. He can’t talk, but he can blabber out sounds.  He likes to cry for food, and loves to laugh. He is a quiet boy, but he loves to scream to be held.

Preston is a fighter.  He has had an ‘Open Heart Operation’ and still he smiles.  He loves to take photo’s and he is an amazing dancer.  He loves to do a lot of things but the thing he loves to do best is sleep.  My nephew loves to play with our dog Pius and he loves seeing her run.  He loves doing random hand movements especially clapping.  Whenever He is sick he doesn’t smile at all.
I thank God for giving my family a boy that is strong.

Friday, May 31, 2013

I am learning to describe my favourite thing.

My favourite hobbies are singing and playing the guitar. Playing the guitar makes me happy, different tunes dance in my mind. Playing the guitar make me calm.  I strum my guitar up and down. Lightly strumming I pick up lyrics. Sitting on my bed, I start singing. I can sing all day but not all night. Sometimes I can imagine myself standing on a stage and playing my song. I started loving playing guitar when my dad taught me how to play. I will always treasure this talent.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Triduum Celebration

Triduum Celebration.

In Religious Education I have been learning about the Triduum Celebration.
The Fire represents the light of the world.
The Bible represents the liturgy of the word.
The water represents the life of the world. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
Happy mothers day mum! I know this isn’t much but I
hope it’s enough. I just wanted to write this letter to you so that you could read it when you’re feeling low, or in times when you forget how much love and support you have. I want to thank you mum for helping me become the young girl I am today; I know that I would not gotten to where I am now without your support and life lessons.

I know sometime we have our fall outs,but we always overcome those hiccups. At times I know that I can be a hassle, a bit ho ha’a and act like a spoilt brat but you always seem to love me no matter what. Mum, I want you to know that through the dramas that have happened within the family lately, the love the family have for you will never change. The family know that we are so lucky to have such a caring mum like you, though at times it does seem a bit tough, but we couldn’t ask for anyone better.

I wouldn’t want to ask for anyone else. You are my mum, my confidant, the one I go to when I am in times of trouble, when I just need a hug and when I need some wise advice. I love how we have our little talks about nearly everything, and sometimes it does feel that only we understand each other. Another year passes, so does another mothers day, but my love and gratefulness unto you, never will. I appreciate you as my mother and how lost I would be if you were not my backbone.

From the comforts of your home cooking, to your yelling in the house, no one can do what you do, and therefore you are irreplaceable in my eyes. Mum you have kept our family together through the roughest patches we could imagine, and you are still here, keeping strong. I look up to you mum, you are the strongest women I know.

Mum, you are a prestigious women and you have a very resilient husband by your side, who loves you above and beyond the love all us kids imagine. Remember that you are a part of a pair, so when you feel tired or beaten down; he is there to pick up the pieces. You are a strong women, we all know that, but you don’t always have to be, that is why you have the wonderful husband you have. I love you mummy, and don’t forget that. Ofa Lahi Atu
This was a competition and I won for the senior syndicate. I read this letter at our Mothers day mass.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I have been learning in Religious Education, different ways of Prayer and What is Prayer?


Triduum is the 3 important liturgical celebration in my  Catholic Faith.  The Cup and Bread represents the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, the Cross represents the Veneration of the Cross on Holy Friday and the Candle represents the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Soul Friend lunch.

Soul Friend

After practising the high jump the lunch bell went and Room 7 went to get their lunch and they returned back to the field. Room 5 came to the field and they sat down beside us. Everyone shared and enjoyed each others meals. We laughed and giggled so much that we couldn’t even eat all our lunch. My Soul Friend Analei was upset and she didn’t eat anything and I was very worried, but when everyone started going to play that when she started to eat, apparently she doesn’t like to eat then people surround her. Mrs Tui was taking photos of everyone having fun.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today marks our second day of our Triathlon fitness. On the first day we met Bret, Adrian, Lance and Blair. As we walked to the field the sun shone on our faces’. Room 7 and 6 go to the Triathlon fitness together.

Our first day at the Triathlon fitness we were not sure on what to do, but now we do. Room 7 started off with Bret and Lance, they had put out some flags in each different corner around the area we were in and Bret told us to run around the flags. Bret put some objects in the area of the flags and Bret demonstrated on what we were doing, when it came up to my turn I felt like I needed to run as fast as I could so that I don’t let my team down. When I finished I had to catch my breath because my throat was dry.

After we had finished up our time with Bret and Lance we went to Adrian and Blair and rode the bikes. Sefesi and Ezra just came and they both didn't know what to do, so the girls started off. We all chose a bike and we put the helmets next to them, then we ran I felt confident in myself, we ran around the tree and ran back to the bike and put our helmets on and rode around the field, I rode the bike and I felt so happy. Next it was the boy’s turn and I came and sat down and catch my breath. We all waited till the boy’s finished and we all returned back to class.

Wednesday is the last day and it was the day that everyone was going to get WET!!. Everyone brang spare clothes and togs. Room 7 and 6 went to the field after line up and everyone couldn't wait to go on the slide, room 6 girls started then the girls went on the slide it looked like it was very slippery, they went on the slide four times, then went on the bikes around the field once and they had to run around the field all wet and soapy.

Next was room 6 boys went, then room 7 girls went, I was ready to get wet. “Ready, Set, Go” said Bret, I jumped on my stomach and ran around the cones four times and I ran to the bikes and put my helmet on, rode around the field and I stopped and hopped off and I went to put the bike back to transition area and I ran as fast as I could and I got back and sat down with the other girls and I had to catch my breath. We went again, and again and I didn't notice that I got bruises on my leg. I said to the girls “That turned out to be cool” and they all agree. After we all received a certificate.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Kia Ora, Malo e lelei and Welcome back to 2013.

I am very excited to share my work with you all through out this year. I am looking forward to giving you more information about myself. Well we had an assembly, and my group made up a song about the 'Temptation of Jesus' and I played the guitar. And now I will be putting up more work than I did last year. Hope you will all enjoy my work. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bio Poem


Funny, Sporty, Artistic, Generous.

Siblings of Justice and Malakai.

Lover of music, baking and family.

Who fears fierce animals. 

Who needs help when sad.

Who gives friendship to others.

Who would like to see Roseanna.

Resident of New Zealand.