Friday, August 12, 2011


During the beautiful holidays my friends and I went to and cool as holiday program and it was called the Sir William Jordan community center in Onehunga and there were lots of other leaders but my favorite name’s are: Mags, Bob, Hamu, Charms, Pam, Rayon, and lots more. One morning the leaders pronounced that we were going on a trip, they said “ The 11+ and the 8 to 10’s will be going to Tree Adventures” and we were all surprised but they said that a bus was coming to pick us up. We were waiting for the bus to pick us up we all just had the roll call and after roll call we have a few minutes of playing and when the bus comes we stop everything and we went and wait in a group with one leader and when we are in one group we go on the bus and wait for the other people to get a seat, and off we went to the tree adventures. We were almost there and before we were there, there was a race track that a lot of people that were racing on them but when we looked to the other side we saw strange looking tree’s and we were wondering what they were and then the bus driver turned into the car parks and we were so happy and excited and then Mags shouted out “yous have to get one piece of lunch and your drink bottle and come and sit in the picnic area wile we were eating the man that owned the place said that after you eat come and stand in two lines so that we can put on the safety gears on as we were doing it, the rest of the others we reading the rules, the rules were: NO pushing, NO hitting and nothing bad. The first half of us were listening to the leader who showed us how to do the test course, but the other went straight on the courses. My friend and I went (Mikea) on the first course it was scary but I thought that I wasn’t scared of height’s but it turns out that i am,but i got use to it, we keep on going on all the other courses and I make it, I get happier and happier. The only bad thing that I hated we only got to go on the course 1-4, I really wanted to go on all of the others but i couldn’t so i went on the others over and over again. It was so cool but hard and it was FANTASTIC. We were on our way back in the bus and we were playing and we were saying jokes to each other and we were back to the Stadium we all ate our lunch and we went home and had afternoon tea. Then had lots and lots of fun only watching movies in a warm house with some yummy popcorn.
The End



One exquisite day room 6 were invited to swim in our new pool witch came with an instructor, we call him Mr Burton. He is a very hansom and very kind, we were the first class to go and learn more about the pool, the boys in room 6 were the first one to touch the pool then the girls, Miss Oldfield was inside taking photos of us walking around the beautiful pool. Mr Burton was very confused because he said “at the end I would take questions at the end of this session's. At the end we all went back to the class room and ate our lunch, the next class went to the pools. The next day we were going to go in the pool but a big disaster happened the heater was broken, once we found out we were very very upset so we carried on doing our work. Once play time was up we came into the room and were very sad but once we heard that we were going to swim the next day were went all excited and then we waited and waited till the next day. The Next day we brought our clothes to school and we were going in to the pool but the other half went in first and the other group that I was in waited in the room playing games. We went into the pool and I was the first girl in the pool it was very very fun just play in the pool, plus we were playing games like: Captains coming. but we had to get out of the pools and we went and dried ourselves and got changed back into our school uniform, we carried on doing our work for the rest of the day.

The End